Stages and Platform

Star Staging Party Rentals provides rental stages & runways to many different types of events. The stages & runways come in many different sizes & shapes to choose from in order to give an event the look and feel that is desired. These stage & runway systems are very well maintained and top quality. The decks are always clean and in like new condition. We understand that when it comes to an event, it is very important to use top quality equipment. Our crews are professionals and they have years of experience setting up these systems which allows them to be set up fast, on time and done right the first time.

Hire the professionals at Star Staging Party Rentals for all of your stage rental needs and get the best in the business. We set up portable platforms for concerts, bands, events, and any festivals or parties. Maybe you need a catwalk for your modeling Agency or corporate gathering? Call the staging specialists today to plan your next big event.

Dance Floor

Dance to the music and as if nobody was watching. Liven up the party with a top of the line dance floor from Star Staging Party Rentals. We can install an ideal dance floor that allows for you and your guests to enjoy a fun evening while dancing the night away. Our dance floors can be installed over any flat surface. Our sections are 3′ x 4′, allowing for the creation of almost any size! Contact us today!

Tent Rental

The tent is secured to the ground with numerous webs/ropes that tie to the stakes outside of the tent. Due to this method of anchoring, pole tents require additional area around the tent. For example: a 30’x 90′ pole tent would need approx. 40’x 100′ of unobstructed space to accommodate stakes. Stakes are required to be placed at specific locations around the tent.

Frame tents are another option for your event. They feature an aluminum pipe frame that is constructed to support the weight of the vinyl top. There are no interior obstructions, and there is a smaller footprint since staking locations are more flexible than those of a pole tent. Frame tents can be placed directly next to buildings, or other tents, to provide a seamless transition for your event.